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8 Ways to Increase Engagement on Facebook

If a tree falls in a forest and there's no one around to hear it, does it make a sound?

Just to put it into perspective...

There are 2 billion people on facebook at any given time - everyone is competing for the

same 5 seconds of attention on the newsfeed, and the algorithm prioritizes friends and

family content over business content. Those are some pretty big hurdles right? Well, as it

turns out, there are several tips and tricks that can really help get your business more

engagement on this platform, and I’m going to share them with you here.

#1 Boost Your Posts

#2 Create Engage-Worthy Content

#3 Get People Talking

#4 Interact With Your Followers

#5 Avoid Fishing for Engagement

#6 Post Often

#7 Post Native Content that Keeps People on Facebook

#8 Utilize Video Whenever Possible

#1 Boost Your Posts

Why Boost Your Facebook Posts?

Boosted posts perform better. Just posting organically (normal posts that aren’t ads)

is no longer enough. With Facebook’s current algorithm, 2% or less of your followers

are actually seeing your organic posts.

Even if you have a decent amount of followers on your Facebook business page, your

posts are still not going to reach most of them. If you're starting from scratch - meaning

you have very few followers and low engagement, chances are you're not going to get

much attention at all - even if you are posting great content.

Facebook is saturated with content and businesses are competing for attention.

There is good news, however. First of all, you don't have to spend a ton of money

boosting your posts. It is possible to spend around $10 and have your posts perform

extremely well.

Facebook boosted posts make your business’s posts more effective.

Boosting your posts places them higher on consumers’ newsfeeds, which means your

customers have a much higher chance of seeing your content. As more and more

people start seeing your posts and your number of views rises, your target audience

will have more opportunities to like, share, and comment on your posts. This increases

engagement and helps you succeed in delivering your message to your customers.

#2 Create Engage-Worthy Content

What Kind of Content is Engage-Worthy?

Do you want to know what's not engaging? Posts that have absolutely nothing

to do with your audience and everything to do with your business.

This happens a lot with small businesses and start ups. They fill up their page with posts

about how cool their business is and what their values are...and become frustrated to

realize that it’s only their family and friends that show any interest or engagement with

their Facebook page.

Facebook prioritizes posts that spark conversations and relevant interactions. You

need to post content that pertains to the interest and goals of your audience. It’s

important to engage them even if it doesn’t directly promote your business.

Remember that you're competing for attention across a vast platform.

Once you have the right kind of attention on a consistent basis, you can start promoting

to your target audience to monetize it. Until then, you need to post content that grabs

people's attention. Come up with content that piques people's interest with a message

that is authentic and relevant. Equally important are eye-catching images and videos

that make people want to stop scrolling and digest your content.

#3 Get People Talking

Ask a question

Ask a question that gives your audience a chance to easily choose between two options and is very easy to answer. EX: What’s your favorite social media platform, facebook or Instagram? Posts that get people talking will increase your engagement on Facebook and make it less likely for them to scroll right on past.

Make sure you come up with a question that is relevant to your audiences interests as well as to your business. What is your target audience interested in? What are their pain points?

#4 Interact With Your Followers

Don’t leave the people who have engaged with your business hanging. You should always interact with them because your interactions and responses will contribute to your post overall engagement. It might also encourage further dialogue and discussion which would lead to more engagement on your post

Don't sit back and say oh cool I got five comments like you're a supermodel and everyone is just so flattered by you. Get in the game, interact with the people who are engaging with your business and build authentic relationships with your audience.

#5 Avoid Fishing for Engagement

Facebook hates posts that ask for engagement.

Do not start posts with “Comment below…” or “share this post” simply because you want engagement. Those tricks used to work well five years ago but they are now frowned upon and will hurt your reach. (Things change fast in the world of social media).

Instead, make your content so irresistible that it's hard for people not to hit that like button or engage with your content.

#6 Post Often

Simply put, you’re likely to get more engagement from posting five times per week than you would if you posted just one time per week. More posts = more chances for people to engage with them.

Make sure you're posting frequently and consistently but also make sure you're not posting garbage.

If you're posting a bunch of bad content, it could actually result in you losing followers and engagement. So craft your content carefully and choose a schedule that allows you to do this as consistently as possible.

#7 Post Native Content that Keeps People on Facebook

Native Content: Content that is created solely for the purpose of the platform it is consumed on.

For example, if you are posting video content it should be uploaded directly to Facebook and shared on Facebook's platform. Doing this will get you far more engagement than simply sharing a link to YouTube (which is taking people off of Facebook and sending them to their biggest competitor.)

Facebook does not want to show your post in the news feed if it takes people off Facebook. It has been proven that native content performs best in the Facebook algorithm.

Their entire business model is based on people spending as much time on their platform as possible. Even so, you're likely not going to increase your engagement by including links in every single post or promoting your YouTube page for example.

Likewise, instead of linking to an article in your post, take the major takeaways of that article and split it up into a series of social media posts that can be digested on Facebook instead of linking to an external website. Doing this will keep people on Facebook longer and also help you break through their algorithm to increase your engagement.

#8 Utilize Video Whenever Possible

As we said before, Facebook wants to keep people on their platform for as long as possible. The longer they can keep you there, the more ads they can share and the more money they can make. Videos perform better than any other type of media content on Facebook in terms of engagement. Even if you use animated or stock video clips to supplement your post, chances are it will still outperform other content types in the algorithm, as long as your video is engaging.

Use video as much as possible.

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